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METCO Defence International Trading Co. Ltd. performs contracts for supply military products, armaments and ammunition as well as engineering projects for the buyers in Europe, Africa, Asia and Near East more then 15 years.  METCO Defence International Trading Co. Ltd. traditionally supports good relations with government institutions, and military and police forces in different countries all over the world. Simultaneously the share of the NATO standard weapons and equipment in the export list of METCO Defence International Trading Co. Ltd.  permanently grows. Joint projects with foreign companies in the industrial and other fields are regarded as the priority of the company’s policy.

Secrecy is our principle
We start our projects and cooperation with an NC/ND agreement to give reliable service to our clients and suppliers.

Multinational means our market
We are the local suppliers of international markets.

Reliable back-up is for your comfort ​
...Thus, we can give full support for qualitative and quantitative of warranty which we have supplied goods and services.


Visiting IDEX 2023

22nd of February Abu Dhabi /UAE

Visiting IDEF 2017.

May 12.2017  Istanbul / TURKIYE   

Visiting INTERSEC 2017​

Jan. 23.-24 | Dubai / UAE   


Visiting MILIPOL 2017.​

April 5th Doha / QATAR   

Visiting DIMDEX 2016.​

March 30 Doha/QATAR   


April. 19 London/ UK


Visiting PARTNER 2015.​

June. 29 Belgrade/ SERBIA

to be continued.....

We are one of the suppliers of international defence broker in the world. Our commitment is global acting with battle proven local brands and products all over the world.
Wide range of products and systems globally.
Real legal cooperation with  fully documented .
Cooperation with the local companies and government entities as solving partner.
Sharing the responsibilities and profits & awards on bilateral benefits basis.
Total & tailor made solution according to clients requirement. 
Continious and sustainable aftersale service



METCO is always providing permanent, technological and cost-efficient solutions for any field of defence sector.

We are the local supplier of the international markets

Besides international trade activities, METCO International Trading Co. offers and implements different innovative systems for the needs of the Armies.

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